Public Education

Education is the most effective tool we have in keeping our lakes, rivers and streams pollution free. From all of us at SL County, we thank you for taking the initiative to educate yourself and others.

This page supports two stormwater pollution prevention educational videos (5 and 10 min. versions).

In the videos below you will…

  • Understand the sources of surface water pollution, and that pollution can impact waterways many miles from where it originated.

  • Be able to spot potential pollutants in your neighborhood, or identify the signs of surface water pollution while at your local park or hiking your favorite trail.

  • Learn what steps you can take to keep the surface waters and natural landscapes around you pollutant free.

video en español [13 min version]

[5 min version]

 [10 min version]

For more general information, such as a FAQ page and simple everyday things you can do to help, please visit